Consultation (1 1/2 hours)


The initial consultation is an opportunity to assess your dog’s current behavior and learn about your behavior priorities and training goals.  It provides the information necessary to determine suitability for training, to provide initial advice, and to create a training plan.


In-Home Training Lessons (1 hour)

Individual Lessons: $89

Bundle of Four Lessons: $299

One-hour training sessions may be purchased individually or in packages of four.  Four training sessions will typically provide a foundational knowledge and basic skills on how to teach your dog.  We will also address a few of your highest priority behaviors.  Most My Polite Pup clients enjoy the process so much they decide to sign on for additional lessons.

Day Training (1 hour)

Bundle of Four Lessons: $299

Day training allows a dog to get a head-start on behaviors before transferring the knowledge and skills to the human-handler.  I conduct a series of one-hour training sessions with the dog, in the client’s home or at other pre-determined locations.  The day-training is then followed up by sessions with the human-handler to transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to reinforce the new behaviors.


Potty training, puppy biting, destructive chewing, jumping, crate training, and impulse-control are just a few of the concerns new puppy owners have.

Understanding how to address unwanted behaviors and how to teach desirable ones right from the start can set you and your puppy up for a lifetime of success and create an amazing bond.

If you are thinking about getting a puppy or if you’ve already brought one home, request a consultation now! Puppy consultations are best scheduled before you bring your puppy home but it’s never too late!  You will avoid a lot of frustration and enjoy your puppy more if you are prepared early.

Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs

Understanding the role of and the qualifications for service dogs and therapy dogs can be confusing. Because I have experience training service dogs, I am often asked if I will help individuals train their own dog or if I will help give puppies the right foundation for therapy work.  I’m happy to provide a consultation, for the regular consultation fee, to discuss what is involved in this process and whether or not this is a feasible option for you and your dog.  (Service and therapy dog training fees vary.)

Next Steps…

Whether you want to stop unwanted behaviors, teach new behaviors, give your puppy a great foundation, or learn more about service dogs or therapy dogs schedule a consultation now.

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